All About… Class 1 Home Learning

All about Books!

Snuggle up in your pjs with a hot chocolate and read, read, read…! It does not matter what you choose to read as long as you enjoy it.

All about Art!

Make a hedgehog, fox or other animal using the leaves and twigs that you collected. Here are some ideas…

All about Maths!

Maths – Counting conkers (or pebbles/ twigs/ leaves) Put the items that you found on your walk into small piles. Can you count how many items are in each pile?

Year 1 – practise writing the numbers down too. Make sure they are not back to front!

Year 2 – Try lining your objects up in arrays and counting them in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s like we have been doing at school.

All about being Outside!

Go for an Autumn walk – look at the different colours of the leaves, hunt for conkers, beech nuts and acorns. Can you find any pine cones? Can you see any wildlife? Jump in a pile of the crispy leaves and enjoy the crunchy, rustling sound that your feet make! Collect some leaves and twigs to use for art work.

Class One Home Learning

All about Food!

Have a go at making some delicious hedgehog bread (use the link above or tell us about your own recipe). Can you help to measure out the ingredients?

All about Poetry!

Choose an Autumnal word and write an acrostic poem (use each letter of the word to start a new line of your poem). The video gives lots of really useful hints.

Here are some words you can try, or why not think of your own words whilst you’re on a walk?

Tractor, pumpkin, harvest, autumn.

All about Hedgehogs!

Do some research and try to find out all about hedgehogs. Where do they live? What are their babies called? What do they eat? Can you make a poster or information sheet to show what you found out?

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