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Aspirational Learning

Some photos from our first One Goal Day.
On 17th September KS2 enjoyed their first One Goal day focused upon learning about and discovering their own aspirations. The whole of the day was provided by the company, One Goal and it was certainly an excellent experience. We started the day with an assembly for the whole of KS2 and then the children went back to their classes and took part in two workshops. They thought about things that were problematic in the world – from global to local problems. Then they thought about what they could do to help. They also thought about their own dreams and aspirations. We ended the day with a final assembly together. As you can see from the feedback forms (below) – it was very much appreciated by the children and a lot of learning and aspirational thinking took place. In January we will be having One Goal’s Resilience day which will look at 6 areas – Attitudes, Behaviour, Courage, Determination, Enthusiasm and Friendship. It is with these six areas that we are able to build resilience. One Goal will provide a launch day including classroom based workshops and then physical PE type activities. From there we will continue promoting the six areas to underpin our curriculum.