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Miss Halstead's Daily Message: 09/07/20

Hello St Mary’s,

How are you today?

Do you ever get an earworm? I had one today, but don’t worry it’s annoying but not nearly as awful as it sounds! An earworm is when you get a catchy tune or piece of music stuck  in your head – that doesn’t sound so bad but sometimes it can take hours or days to go away and then it can be annoying. Still, today’s earworm made me think of you all and how wonderful you’ve been during lockdown and you can listen to the tune in the video.

The tune comes from the start of a programme that I would watch in the school holidays and it’s a little ironic because if you did what it tells you to do, you would never watch the programme. Listen to the song and you’ll see! The programme was called, Why Don’t You and it used to be on in the holidays so that you would have lots of ideas of things to do with your time. It’s probably hard to imagine a programme like that – nowadays if you want ideas you can go to the internet, I did a quick Google and one of the lists of ideas boasted 70 exciting things to do whilst your stuck at home.

Do you know who the people are in this photo? These are the first ever Blue Peter presenters (Leila Williams and Christopher Trace) and even I’m not old enough to remember them! Blue Peter first aired in 1958 and has been giving children ideas for what to do in their spare time ever since. I wondered if you could come up with some ideas yourselves. Perhaps you could make a pact as a family to switch off your tv, internet, tablets, and smart phones for an hour (or more) and do something else this weekend? Let us know how that goes if you do. I’m thinking of making up a new theme-tune for Why Don’t You… maybe that way I can get this earworm out of my head.

Take care,

Miss H

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