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Miss Halstead's Daily Message: 01/04/20

Hello St Mary’s,

How are you this Wednesday?

I feel like I need a treat. But even treats have to be a little different now. I can’t go to the cinema and watch a new film, I can’t go swimming, I can’t go out for a meal etc. That is hard but it won’t be forever, it’s just for now. So I’m giving myself other little treats and I’m being more mindful about them too.

Look at this.

It is a butter mint (Mrs Robinson loves these too). I’m keeping it on my desk. I’m not going to gobble it up straight away. I’m finishing three more jobs on my ‘To Do’ list and then I shall enjoy it slowly. It is quite a hard sweet so I won’t be chewing it, I shall have to just suck it and let it dissolve slowly. As it does this I am really going to concentrate on its creamy, buttery and mint flavour and I am going to relax. That is what being mindful is all about. Being mindful is really good for humans especially at times like this, when the world and life seems to be moving in directions that we can’t control. I know a few of you have been washing up whilst being mindful and I’ve loved seeing those photos. What else can you do mindfully?

Right, back to treats! The video on my page is Mr Rogers again, hearing him sing my favourite song is always a treat. But I also want to invite you to share a treat with me this Friday. Every few weeks in Class 1 we have ‘Fizzy Pop Friday’. I buy a sugar free fizzy pop that most children haven’t tried before and then we all take some time out and share a glass of fizzy pop together. I’m inviting you to do this with me this Friday. Be ready, Friday’s message will be a video. I have a fizzy pop ready and it is one I have never tried before. You could get a glass of fizzy pop ready for when you are watching it.


Take care and keep smiling,

Miss H