All are welcome here to walk with Jesus as we love, learn and flourish.


We love learning together in Class Two and we hope that you’ll enjoy sharing in our journey. We know we already send homework but there are lots of other ways that you can join in and help us in our learning journey. We’ll share those with you on this page along with links to regular detailed posts about our learning.

Please do check back regularly to see what we are doing.


Now that we are in Class Two we have to spend a lot of time getting proficient with handling numbers and developing a range of skills for solving calculations. We have thought about how we can do addition with larger numbers and we are now moving on to subtraction. It’s a good idea to make sure we’re confident with practical subtraction before we move on to column methods – the video below is a good reminder.

If you are learning from home or just want a bit of extra practice, this is a great lesson. You’ll need a quiet place to sit and think, a pencil, paper and some online Dienes Blocks (click here for one example).


In science we are learning about ‘Light and Shadows’. We have been outside and looked at how shadows form and how they change over the course of a day. There is a lot we can do at home – we can look at shadows around us. Not just from the sun but also the shadows from lights in the house or maybe street lights.

In the video you see how we can use light to make shadow puppets – can you try this at home too?

Click here to see more of the work that we have been doing.


We are currently thinking about non-fiction writing and information texts and we are using the Loch Ness Monster as our inspiration. In this clip from 1979, John Craven tells us about an American research team who were using dolphins to look for the monster. Over the coming weeks we will be looking at all the information available and exploring the facts and the myths and we will be using our writing skills to put together a magazine style piece on the monster.

We will look at how we can form complex sentences by using great conjunctions and we will use paragraphs to structure our writing.

If you are learning from home, this is a great lesson on compound sentences. You’ll need some paper, a pencil and your brain – so make sure you have them ready before you start!


In geography we are going to be thinking about our local area and the physical and human features that influence the place we live. We will also be learning about how to read and make maps and we will learn to recognise and use mapping symbols.


In R.E. we are going to be thinking about family – both our family at home and as part of God’s family. We will think about what it means to ‘belong’ and how rules and promises become an important part of establishing our family life.