All are welcome here to walk with Jesus as we love, learn and flourish.

We Love in Class One!

We love learning together in Class One and we hope that you’ll enjoy sharing in our journey. We know we already send homework but there are lots of other ways that you can join in and help us in our learning journey. We’ll share those with you on this page along with links to regular detailed posts about our learning.

Please do check back regularly to see what we are doing.


Number and place value are very important and we will be spending time working closely with these over the coming weeks. This cartoon is a fun reminder of how number lines work.

Understanding place value helps us to be able to read and write numbers and, as we go further in our maths, we can use our knowledge of place value to help us do mental calculations.

If you are learning from home, or you want to recap what you’ve learned then this lesson is a great start. You’ll need pencil, paper and maybe some items to help you count.

Below you can see us learning about two digit numbers by using different materials to represent them.


In science we will be thinking about ‘Magnificent Me’. We will learn that humans are animals, we will look at things that are the same or similar about us and the things that make us unique.

We will be thinking about how we use our bodies and what different body parts are for. We will explore our senses and think about people who live with disabilities. In the video below you can watch Rosaleen Moriarty-Simmonds OBE create a hedgehog painting with her mouth. Click here to see us learning about this.

If you are learning from home, or if you just want a bit of extra time on this subject, we think this lesson is a great place to start.  You will need some paper, a pencil, your brain and your favourite teddy – so why not get them out first?


In English at the moment, we are thinking a lot about characters. Characters are an important part of books – they are what make stories come to life. We will do a lot of reading and we will identify the words that help us learn more about our characters.

We will be spending a lot of time reading stories of Harry the Happy Mouse and we will also practise saying and writing our own sentences.

If you are learning from home, or if you just want to do some extra learning, then this lesson is a great introduction to using adjectives to write better sentences. You will need a paper and pencil and, of course, your thinking brain.