Here you’ll find all our latest news about our clubs. Be sure to check back regularly because we’re always doing new and exciting things.

gardening-club-banner_webOur gardening club runs all year round. We all work together looking after the soil and plants and we grow things from seeds and then we share all our produce at the end. We think it’s fantastic and we hope you can join us.

Lunchtime Games

This is a club for Class 3 children and we can’t wait to share our photos with you. Children go to the club to play great games like Boggle, Scrabble, Charades and Bingo (to name but a few) and it will be running from 24th February to 28th April. Check the list in class to see if you have a place.

Interactive Book Club

We love reading at St Mary’s so why not join us online to celebrate your favourite reading. We are looking forward to hearing from people (either via our Facebook or our website pages) about all the wonderful things they are reading. Remember it might not be a book – it could be a poem, a comic, a particularly funny cereal box! On our pages we also link to really good websites that authors have built – it’s great to get to know your favourite author better. And we have links to YouTube that we think you’ll like. If you haven’t already joined why not get signed up now.