The FSA is the Parent/Friend Association connected to our school. It is a dedicated group of willing volunteers who meet regularly to plan and carry out fun activities that support the school and bring in extra funds. Any money raised is then given back to the school to be spent on the pupils. Last academic year the total raised was £2294. This was used for many enrichment activities including coach subsidies for trips to the pantomime, World Museum, Spaceport, Outdoor Elements; a fantastic Birds of Prey day; a new speaker for the hall for discos; Christmas party gifts, end of year treats, class prize boxes and newspaper subscriptions. We would really like more people to become involved as we lost a lot of active members in July when their children moved to high school. We hold several planning meetings during the year, usually focusing on the next event – including lots of planning for our star attraction, Santa Stops at Sabden (see photo below).

From donating, to helping, to attending, everyone (neighbours, friends, families) plays a huge part and helps keep our school and the FSA vibrant and exciting.

Future Events and Meetings

Please see our full list to the left, however, we are already planning for our key event, Santa Stops at Sabden 3.30-5.30pm on Friday 6th December. For now, would anyone like to donate a new large cuddly toy for a Guess the Name stall? Also, please send in donations of new or used Christmas gift bags as we will be having a Bagbola stall. (The gift bags will be sent home and parents asked to fill with a surprise, value £2-3.)

Planned Spending

This year, one of our key aims will be to raise the money for a new Phonics Scheme, Monster Phonics. Phonics plays a huge role in children’s learning to read and this scheme presents phonics in a fun and accesible way for all children with a wealth of resources. Click here to read more about the scheme.

Able to Help?

No matter how great or small your contribution may be, please do get involved; even if it’s only 5 minutes to offer suggestions, half an hour serving coffee, or just attending our events. Everything matters and we are always truly grateful. Why not take a look at our minutes from previous meetings in order to get a feel for the kinds of things we do and see whether you could be involved.

FSA Minutes Meeting Feb 2017

We are always looking for more members and it would be great to have you working with us so if you are available for our next meeting please do come along.