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Victorian Days, Christmas Shows, Parties, Meals and lots of Wonderful Things…

Class Three have been learning about life in Victorian times and they finished their project by holding a Victorian Day. It was fantastic. Everyone got into their parts, including Miss Taylor and Miss Bishop! We thought they all looked great in their Victorian outfits.

As part of the project they baked Victoria sponges – and very much enjoyed eating them.

And they all wore name badges. They found that some of their names were already popular in Victorian times so they didn’t need to change them at all e.g. Daniel and Eli. Other names have Victorian versions so Abigail became Abigale. For the children whose names didn’t translate we let them pick their own name – we even ended up with a Horace for the day!

The children also made Victorian crafts including a Decoupage photo frame – complete with their photo and Victorian Christmas cards and performed their own puppet theatres – you can see one below.

It was all very exciting.


We love art at St Mary’s! In this video you see Class Three doing their rainforest inspired art work. Like Henri Rousseau they have never been to the rainforest but they were able to imagine it based upon their research.


Not all of our learning takes place inside, in Class One we love working outside. Here you can see us in Gardening Club, making dens, learning with Forest Schools and on our visit with the Firefighters.


Practical work is very important to us at St Mary’s. Here we see Class Two at work on their Rocks Project. They started by examining and sorting rocks paying close attention to the features, then they devised experiments to learn about the permeability of different rocks.