Class Three

Colossians 3:16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly,

Class 3 have worked really hard to produce artwork based on Peter Thorpe’s space art for their new topic Earthlings. First they created an abstract background using pastels or chalks. The children then decided what they would like to put in the foreground before drawing the outlines. Once they had done this, they used paints to add detail and colour before sticking them onto their backgrounds. The results are fantastic and the children are really proud of how they’ve come together creating excellent space art!

He emphasised the bright colours of the flowers and the animals that are both at the front of the image and hidden within. We experimented with water pencils and watercolours to create our own pictures and we are really proud of the end results.

Friendship, positivity and inspirational thinking
As part of last term’s worship theme, we have created a display full of information on friendship. We produced pictures, poems, letters, words and phrases that really sum up what it is to be a good friend. We discussed our actions and our words and how important it is to have good friends!
We have also looked at how the way we think can change things, particularly we looked at the importance of being positive and we thought about positive and inspirational quotes. Then we made our own inspirational quotes and displayed them around school. You can see some of our work below and to the right.