Class Three

Colossians 3:16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly,

In Class 3 we have started our Survival topic by learning about Sir Ernest Shackleton’s adventure across Antarctica. We have been reading his book, Shackleton’s Journey along with a story version called, Ice Trap. In English lessons, we have created advertisements for crew members, written application letters to be a crew member, generated and answered questions using the text, and written beautiful descriptive pieces set in Antarctica. We have considered the crew’s thoughts, feelings and what they may have said, and we’ve written diary entries about the adventure so far!

Within topic lessons we have been investigating how fossils give us clues as to how things have changed over time along, we have learned about Mary Anning’s discovery of fossils or ‘curiosities’ as she called them.

We also discussed how we all vary as people and have different genes and characteristics, some coming from our parents and even our grandparents. We thought about our own characteristics (hair colour, eyes, height etc) and from whom we may have inherited these features and then to illustrate our learning we used Mr Men and Little Miss characters to show characteristics from two parents.

In RE, we have been talking about how much God loves us and will always love us unconditionally. We have related this to the love from our family and friends.

In Maths we have been investigating place value through problem solving and games. We particularly enjoyed Rounding Bingo – so much so that the children want to play it again!