Class Three

Colossians 3:16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly,



We have been thinking a lot about our bodies and Heroes and Villains – and as part of this we have practised our Public Speaking Skills – click on the link (above) to see exactly how we did.

We devised and carried out a fantastic experiment to see what impact bacteria have in our lives. We can’t see bacteria normally, they are microorganisms that live all around us but we wanted to find out just how full our world was. Watch the video to see how we’ve set out to investigate this.

We have also been thinking about how our bodies work. We went outside and mapped-out the way that blood gets around our bodies and we also learned about the different components of blood. We learned about red and white blood cells, platelets and plasma and then we had to make our own packets of blood (see below) using Cheerios dyed red, marshmallows, water dyed yellow and porridge oats – can you work out which each part represents?

In RE we’ve continued to think about the Bible.
We have been looking at what an important book it is and how it means so much to and affects the lives of so many people. We then started to think about other books. All books have the potential to be special or to make someone think. We asked the adults in school about their favourite books and also talked about books that we have enjoyed ourselves. We then put this into a display in the classroom.