Class Three

Colossians 3:16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly,

Victorian Day
On the fifth of December we had a wonderful day, visiting Gawthorpe Hall in the morning and then continuing our Victorian themed day back at school. Whilst we were at Gawthorpe Hall we made cornucopias and learned about decoupage which we use to decorate them (just as the Victorians would have). We also made pop-potpourri bundles in the kitchen with cook after learning about how to make a Christmas pudding. We played traditional parlour games in the Long Gallery with Peggy and then we met Father Christmas himself in the drawing room where he read us the beautiful poem, Twas the night before Christmas. The children continued to make traditional crafts back in school by making Christmas tree decorations, Christmas cards, thaumatropes and playing with puppets, a puppet theatre, spinning tops and learning to play cats cradle!

Oliver Twist
We have been studying an abridged version of the book ‘Oliver Twist’ by Charles Dickens. We wrote about the character of Oliver Twist and used evidence from the text; presenting it with illustrations, we thought about the thoughts, feelings and actions of Oliver Twist and then today we made inferences about the text so far. This included finding evidence from the text, asking questions about it and then making inferences (trying to answer the questions based on evidence within the text).

Fun with Angles
Who said maths was boring? Hopefully nobody – because it certainly isn’t here in Class 3. Not only is it exciting but sometimes we even get to graffiti on the desks (shhh! Don’t tell Miss Halstead!). As part of our learning we identified and measured angles by creating them on our tables! Firstly we created our angles with masking tape and then labelled them. Next we used protractors to measure them and wrote the measurements on the tables! We loved measuring the angles and especially drawing on the tables!