Key Instant Recall Facts

As you know there are certain things that make maths much easier for us – like knowing our times-tables (that’s why we have TimesTable Rockstars! Our work on times-tables has been so successful that we have developed this further and looked at other skills that will help improve our children’s fluency in maths. We call these Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs) and over the year will be sending home a set of skills for each half term.

We ask that the children learn these and practise them at home at least 3 times a week. They should be done little and often and included on the sheet are ‘top tips’ on how to do this.

For some children it will be necessary for them to work on the skill from the year below but we ask that you do not move ahead – it is much better for children to consolidate their current skill than to move ahead too soon, indeed, skipping ahead when it doesn’t correlate with what the children are actually learning in class could be detrimental. Click here to read more about our KIRF initiative