Class One

Psalm 145:9 The Lord is good to all, and his mercy is over all that he has made.

Spring Half-Term

We loved growing cress and then making our own sandwiches.


In Class 1 our topic is Growth and Green Fingers.

We have a Florist Shop in our classroom and we have grown cress heads. In English we have studied instructions. We know that verbs in instructions become bossy and are called imperatives. Our cress heads grew very quickly and we did well flollowing the instructions to make them. With the cress we made egg, cress and mayonnaise sandwiches. They were delicious. We have now written are own instructions for how to make such a tasty buttie.
Miss H’s cat had four kittens in November. One (BoBo) went to live with Matthew and his family and another (Alan) went to live with Miss Thoburn and her family. We were super excited when both kittens came and visited us. The day before the visit we made a list of questions that we wanted to ask. During the visit we were able to find the answers to our questions. We have now made a class instruction guide called, How To Care for A Kitten. We all want to say a big THANK YOU to Miss Thoburn, Mrs Doyle, BoBo and Alan for coming to visit.

In maths we have been playing with numbers. There are so many patterns that can be found. Reception are learning all their numbers to 20 and are understanding more than and fewer than. Year 1 have been practising knowing their number bonds to 10 and 20 and Year 2 are doing the same plus their number bonds to 100! Year 1 used cubes to make a Number Bonds to 20 Guide for the whole class. All of Class 1 have played lots of games to help us recognise odd and even numbers. We looked where we live and found that streets are organised by odd and even numbers.

In Music we are studying different styles of music. We have already sung the Blues and studied Baroque music, this week started playing Glockenspiels and accompanied some Baroque music.

In RE we are thinking about the people who help us. There are so many! Now we are looking at who helps us at church. We learned how to be Greeters and tried out our skills on our puppet friends.


Outdoor learning and practical work is an important part of our development.