Class One

Psalm 145:9 The Lord is good to all, and his mercy is over all that he has made.

This Week

Our topic is called Fire, Fire and we are learning a lot about Fire Safety and The Great Fire of London. In our room we have our own Fire Station where Firefighters are regularly called out to an emergency. After they have put the fire out they need to do do all their paperwork!
Check out our Conversation Station. You go to it with your friends. On the table are photographs to talk about. Whilst you talk your friend listens and films you on the ipad. Then you swap over. As a class we can watch all the conversations later on our big screen. In the picture you can see Islay talking about firefighters and the equipment they use.

In maths we are measuring. We have measured using non-standard units such as our hand and feet. We decided this was fun but no use if you wanted to buy a carpet because you could end up with too much or too little. We have also measured using cm and m. We are practising being really careful with our rulers so that our measurements are accurate.

In English we have been looking at stories about dragons. We planned a new version of the Princess and the Dragon and wrote stories called The Prince and the Unicorn. Now we are looking at poems that mention fire. We have even looked at a poem all about The Great Fire of London. As part of our grammar work we have been learning about verbs and how to write verbs in the past tense. We have made firework poems based on past tense verbs (see right). Eventually we will make our own 3D Bonfire poems.

In RE we are starting a topic on Advent. It is a time of waiting and we are exploring how it feels when you have to wait for something, especially if it is something really exciting.

Autumn Half Term (2)

This half term we will be looking at stories with familiar themes and trying to make predictions about how a story ends. We will be practising using capital letters for proper nouns and remembering to end questions with a question mark. To make our writing better we will be saying a sentence out loud before we write it, that way we can check it makes sense. When we do write it we will check that it starts with a capital letter, ends in a full stop and has finger spaces between words. Our older writers will be looking to use interesting vocabulary and to use different phrases to extend our sentences.
In maths we will be practising lots of different ways to tackle addition and subtraction questions. These will include pratical equipment, number lines and mental strategies.
Through history we will learn about the Great Fire of London. We will also learn about how to keep safe if we ever come across a fire.
We are all working together to build a fire station in our class room.

In RE we are learning about Abraham and Moses and then we will get super excited as our Advent topic begins.
Finally we will be working hard to put together our Class 1 production. It is called ‘Behind the Stable Door’. All the animals get very confused when they are banished from the stable – they need to know why and just what exactly is going on behind the stable door?


Outdoor learning and practical work is an important part of our development.