Class One

Psalm 145:9 The Lord is good to all, and his mercy is over all that he has made.


This week in literacy we have continued to think about writing instructions and have looked at the use of imperatives. These are sentences that give a command – they can be very strong and may have an exclamation mark (like, be quiet!) or we can make them more polite by using words like please (please be quiet) or thank you (close the door, thank you).

In numeracy we have been looking at fractions and particularly thinking about halves and quarters.


We have opened our Doctors’ Surgery and are looking at being healthy – particularly personal hygiene.

In numeracy we have been thinking about shape. We can now name different 2D and 3D shapes and list their properties. We’ve found a game here that we think is good – younger children may need help with some of the reading though.

In literacy we are thinking about chronological writing including instructions. We have been set a challenge by Miss Taylor to invent a playtime game for her children to play, so this week we have been exploring different games that we know. We have looked at the rules to those games and thought about why instructions and rules are important.

Outdoor learning is an important part of our development.