New 2014 Curriculum

School is now working from Lancashire’s 2014 Curriculum. Lancashire Consultants have put together documents that help children to learn key skills in a progressive manner. St Mary’s are using this as the backbone to their work but class teachers are adapting and adding to these programs in order to personalise the learning for our children.

Curriculum Overview for Years 1-6

Reading and Phonics

KS1 follow Letters and Sounds for the systematic teaching of phonics and they read from a range of texts that includes the Oxford Reading tree scheme.


These show the learning journey for each year group under a particular theme. Please note that the teachers may change the theme and that due to our mixed age classes we follow a two year rolling program. For example Class 2 is made up of Year 3 and Year 4. So in Year A the class would follow the Year 3 theme/ overview and in Year B they would follow the Year 4 version. In both years of the cycle the work would be pitched correctly for all the individual needs.

Lancashire Curriculum Overview

Key Learning Documents

In these documents you can see the key learning that will take place for each year group in each subject. These are the skills that will be presented to children through different themes and activities. It is these skills which we assess your children against.

Full KLIPS combined

Lesson Planning

Finally, staff use the above documents and their ongoing assessments of the children to create week by week lesson plans. You can get an idea of the work that goes on each week by visiting our Class Pages and/or ‘liking’ our Facebook page. Examples of some weekly planning can be found below. The two documents for each class show how a series of art lessons develops over time according to ongoing assessments.

3.4ArtSpring-1      3.4ArtSpring-2

5.6ArtSpring         5.6ArtSpring-1