Thought for the Week

No doubt you will have been surprised this week by some of our pictures from Lockerbie. Seeing a loved one conquer the zip wire when you know they’re scared of heights or a friend master canoeing despite their fear of water is something to marvel. But how do you overcome the unknown and master (sometimes terrifying) new skills?

Last week we talked about God’s love and how He is there with us in our times of fear. We know we can pray, and trust in Him but acquiring new skills also needs good teachers and team work. The latter being very popular – posters and phrases can be found in most workplaces and schools reminding us of the benefits of working together; it’s about pooling our skills and our efforts – putting on a production requires dancers, singers, artists, acrobats; and having the faith to jump off a scaffold also needs a good team. When God created us, He made us all unique, with separate skills so that we could help one another. It’s easy to see the skill in a great painter but sometimes we miss the other equally precious skills. The ability to use a kind word at the right time, or to see those in need, or to recognise when someone is lonely and to know exactly what to say or do to help. Our spiritual skills are so important, so worthy and yet sometimes we forget them (eclipsed by Reality TV where only the extroverts are rewarded). God blessed us with many skills and a week together focused on helping and empowering one another is a wonderful moment for us all to develop both physically and spiritually.

1 Peter 10 (NIV) Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.