Thought for the Week

Last week we thought about the things we cannot see but we know that they’re there. The birds hidden by the leaves, the hedgehog scurrying in the undergrowth, the owl that hoots somewhere in the dark, and we thought about the joy our planet brings. But there are many other things that we cannot see but we know are there, the plastic that is clogging our oceans, the fatbergs in the sewers, the pollution that taints our wonderful air – hardly reasons for celebration. It’s a sad fact that these days if you go snorkelling you’re as likely to find straws from McDonald’s and colourless coral as parrotfish and turtles.
So, what can we do? It’s easy to think there’s little that can be done and yet, regardless of whether our changes have an impact on the Earth, we must act; after all, that is what God wanted – when He created the Earth He created us to tend it (Genesis 2:15).
So, this weekend, let us think a little more about our actions. If our wheelie bin is already full and it’s nowhere near collection time, then perhaps we can look at how we reduce our waste? Can we refuse drinking straws next time we’re out or walk a little more rather than taking the car? Remembering to turn off the lights, brushing our teeth before we run the tap and washing our clothes on a lower cycle all help too and doing our own bit to help protect this wonderful gift we were given is the perfect way to say thanks to God for all He provides.
Proverbs 27:18 (ESV) Whoever tends a fig tree will eat its fruit, and he who guards his master will be honoured.