We have had yet another fantastic day! This morning we all tried low ropes and the zip wire. The low ropes may sound easy but it’s very technical and a great place to learn skills without the fear of the heights.

As well as the low ropes we had some other rope fun in the woods this morning – this time on the zip wire! Hmmm… now we had to get over our fear of heights – and of course it’s not just being high up, it’s the very idea that we should jump off that high up thing in the first place. But we are all surrounded by our friends (and, of course, the very knowledgeable staff at Lockerbie) and everyone has been encouraging and kind, really there was nothing to fear. Even Miss Taylor faced her fears today and jumped off the zip wire – it just shows what moral encouragement and team work can achieve.

This afternoon we have been focusing on survival skills. We have started by collecting wood for fires and we will be moving on to shelter building too. The competition is heating up between the boys and the girls, make sure you catch up with us again tomorrow to find out who wins.